Erythritol Nutritional facts and Health benefits


Erythritol (erythrite) is a naturally occurring sugar drink that can find in fermented foods and some fruits.

One gram of Erythritol is equal to 60-80% of the taste of sugar. It has no calories in it. Where sugar has four calories in one gram. Hence many firms are trying to use it in their sweet goods to reduce the calorie count.

Erythritol is an artificial additive. It’s a crystalline product. That is created by fermenting wheat or cornstarch. It can help to give Low-calorie drinks, ice creams, and protein bars contain erythrite.  

Nutritional Facts of Erythritol

Nutrition data given by the USDA for one teaspoon (4g) of pure erythritol crystals are as follows.

Facts about Erythritol

  • There are no calories in this dish
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 0 mg sodium
  • 4 grams of carbohydrates
  • 0 grams of fiber
  • 0 grams of sugar and protein


A teaspoon of erythrite has four grams of carbohydrates. Yet though it contains zero calories. Sugar drink is the source of carbs.

Erythrite is also unrelated to blood sugar or insulin levels like other sugar drinks (such as sorbitol).

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Erythritol contains no fat.

The protein

Proteins are not present in Erythritol.

Minerals and vitamins

A dietary supplement, erythrite, does not contain vitamins or minerals. 

Benefits to health

It does not add sugar and calories to foods with Erythritol. That will be helpful for diabetics and people who wish to lose weight. The following is a list of erythrite’s health benefits. 

Erythritol Prevents Cavities

The dental benefits of erythrite may be better than other sweeteners. Decay of teeth occurs when bacteria use sugars and starches in the mouth and form acids. As a result of the tooth, enamel cavities occur. That is being dissolved by acid. Due to its lack of sugars or starches, erythrite does not give to tooth decay. It may even reduce the risks of its formation.

Gut-Friendly Compared To Others

In addition, many sugar drinks cause digestive issues like diarrhea and bloating. But erythrites have the exception. In research, it has been found that erythrite does not cause stomach problems like other sugar drinks due to its less molecular weight.

It may help in blood sugar control.

The human body cannot break down erythrites. Hence after using erythrite, it flows in your blood until you pass it in your urine.

 Besides, erythrite is not related to blood sugar spikes, making it a fair choice for people with diabetes.

Erythritol supports heart health

Research results advised that adults with type 2 diabetes who used 36 grams of erythrite each day for a month were at a reduced chance of heart disease. If done again, the results may become even more vital. It is worth repeating this study, however, since it was small. 

Reduced Sugar Intake

For those trying to reduce the amount of sugar they use, erythrite can be a good choice since it is zero in sugar and calories. 


A few cases of erythritol allergies have been documented. Even so, some listed anaphylactoid reactions and hives in answer to Erythritol.

Consequences about Erythritol

It’s vital to take care when using erythrite if you have specific health issues. For instance, those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) might increase erythrite and other sugar drinks. In a study of 200 young adults, high blood levels of Erythritol were also linked to fat gain.

The varieties

Many packaged foods contain Erythritol; however, you can’t buy it separately. Hence, Swerve Sweetener uses Erythritol as the sweetener, serving as a 1:1 replacement for sugar in recipes. 

Safety and storage of food

Should keep a sealed vessel of erythrite at room temperature. 

How to prepare Erythritol

The low-calorie sugar substitute, erythrite, feels most like sugar. In baking and cooking, the powder works great than granulate since granules are grainy unless dissolved.  

Can Substitute erythrite for it at 1:1 since Erythritol gives a similar sweetness in recipes requiring sugar. To match Erythritol’s sweetness, you might have to add 25% more than sugar.

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