Foundation: Here are the top Korean foundations for dry skin


The first brand that comes to mind when we discuss beauty products is a Korean beauty brand. Furthermore, Korean beauty products are a major factor in determining what cosmetic brands to use. The foundation is the starting point for the makeup base layout. With it, you will have a clean, smooth, and flawless appearance. 

When you have dry skin, you want to choose the best Korean foundation to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, and give it a natural appearance. We compiled the top 10 Korean foundations for dry skin from various quality foundations in the Korean makeup industry.

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1. Mineral Foundation, BB Cream by Bella Terra

BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer, Mineral Foundation from Bella Terra, provides you with all three benefits – moisturizing, concealing, and protecting against aging radicals. After one application, you will have a more young appearance. These mineral-rich foundations improve skin health with natural minerals. In addition to covering spots and scars, it can also conceal wrinkles and fine lines. A compact foundation with a lightweight formula and easy blending.

2. The Althea Aurora Cover Cushion 

This Korean foundation comes in three shades. It contains plant essences for a natural finish. Chamomile, camellia, and portulaca provide intense moisture to the skin. This sunscreen has an SPF of 50+/PA +++. That protects from UV light. For skin with dry or acne-prone characteristics, this foundation is the best choice. Moreover, it gives a natural look with full coverage.

3. Etude House Face Blur

If you want to appear as if you are wearing a filter, this Etude House Face Blur foundation is for you. With this liquid foundation, you can cover blemishes, pores, bumps, fine lines and give your skin a bright appearance. Long-lasting coverage with a lightweight formula. In addition, it contains SPF 33 PA++.

Dry skin will help from this Korean foundation. Light skin tones may have issues with it. But dark tones often do quite well with it. In addition, makeup products can last longer when it is used as a base.

4. High-quality, long-lasting cushion cover by MISSHA

Cushion foundations provide medium coverage. The skin remains moisturized all day long with its lightweight texture. A daily sunscreen with SPF 50+/PA+++ that you can use daily.

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5. Etude House Double Lasting Foundation

It’s a great place for buyers looking for a perfect shade that matches their skin tone and gives them the look of natural beauty. A color professional has created the shades in Etude Double Lasting Foundation into 12 distinct shades.  High coverage and 24-hour wear are characteristics of this foundation. A blender, brush, or even your finger can blend it easily due to its watery texture. SPF 42 is also included in this foundation to protect you from the sun. Everyday wear is a great option for this piece. The formula of this foundation has been specifically designed to moisturize dry skin.

6. MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream

The MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream is the perfect Korean foundation for covering acne scars and concealing spots. With this multi-functional liquid foundation, you can wear it every day. Providing you with skin protection from the UV rays of the sun, it contains SPF 42.  Two sizes and six shades are available for this foundation.

You will look and feel more natural after using it. Also, it seems to do no makeup and gives full coverage. Infusing the skin with fresh and smooth rosemary and chamomile leaf extracts will make it feel smooth and refreshed. You can conceal all the imperfections on your face with this Korean foundation. Besides deeply moisturizing the skin, it also soothes irritations.

7. K Beauty Skin Perfector

With K Beauty Skin Perfector, you’ll get a glowing complexion in just two seconds. Dry spots can also be controlled and moisturized with it. In addition, covering the flaws, minimizing pores, and giving a beautiful, radiant appearance reduces the appearance of imperfections.

Makeup can be applied over this Korean foundation or separately. You will be protected against the sun with SPF 30. Besides being sweat-resistant and water-resistant, it is also durable. A long-lasting finish requires no touch-up.

8. Peripera Ink lasting cover foundation

Furthermore, it gives the appearance of a filter. Can match each of its six shades to any skin tone. Sunlight cannot melt it, so it provides complete coverage. In this case, your base won’t go cakey. Besides protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays, it also moisturizes the skin while providing SPF 30 PA+++.

9. TROIAREUKE H+ Cushion Foundation

Also, a good option for dry skin is the TORIAREUKE H+ Cushion Foundation. It leaves skin feeling dewy and long-lasting. Skincare products generally contain ingredients that hydrate the skin and care for the skin. The Korean face foundation is a great choice for those with dry skin and also for acne-prone skin. Centella Asiatica, Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) flower, and Portulaca oleracea extract are among the ingredients in this cream. The coverage is long-lasting and not too matte or glossy.

10. Liquid foundation from TOUCH IN SOL Advanced Real Moisture

Touch in SOL Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation, as a moisture and suppleness booster, works best when applied to dry skin. With its SPF 30 PA++ protection, it protects against the sun, conceals all flaws, and also gives your skin a healthy glow. In addition, with its water-binding formula, it keeps skin moisturized and hydrated.

There are two different shades of liquid foundation available here with additional color-correcting properties. With this Korean base, you’ll get high-medium coverage that’s lightweight and also breathable. In addition, the creamy, smooth texture of this cream allows the skin to adjust naturally and looks healthy. This Korean base is therefore highly recommended by beauty editors and makeup artists.

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